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SOCA Membership Change Form

Policy to go inactive with South Orange County Aquatics

  • You must fill out the MEMBERSHIP CHANGE FORM below prior to the 24th of the previous month you wish to go inactive. (Example: If you want to go inactive on March 1st you must fill out and submit the status change form below by February 24th. If the form is submitted after the 24th you will be placed inactive 30 days later. Ex: if you submit the form on February 25, you will still be active and billed for March and placed inactive at the end of March.)

  •  Inform your coach.

  • NO REFUNDS will be granted. Dues will not be prorated.

  • There is a $25.00 reactivation fee when returning within 4 months.  After 4 months the reactivation fee is $50.00.

Membership Scholarships

As a non-profit, South Orange County Aquatics offers scholarships for need-based families to help them financially through difficult times. Scholarships are available to qualifying families on a need and first-come, first served basis as funds are available. Individual scholarships can be used for registration, apparel/gear and other fees associated with our swimming program. We provide full and partial scholarships, depending on qualification. Please check out our FAQs below for more information on qualification and the process.

Membership Change Form

Name of Swimmer(s) Leave Request Applies to:

Fill out one of the following 3 areas corresponding to the type of leave you are requesting


Use this section when a swimmer has sustained an injury or is presenting with a medical issue of some type that is expected to keep the swimmer out of the water for at least one month. Medical Note REQUIRED (please provide ASAP to finalize leave). All dues are suspended and rates may be credited upon return. 


Use this section when the swimmer is in need of a short-term break from SOCA. Temporary leave suspends dues for up to four months. Prior to suspension, accounts will be billed for any outstanding balances. There is a $25 reactivation fee when returning to the team within 4 months, or $50 if more than 4 months.


Use this section when swimmer wants to terminate their membership with SOCA. Ending of membership is effective the first day of the month following notice. Prior to suspension, accounts will be billed for any outstanding balances.

Was this something you discussed with the Coach

Thank you. Your Form Has Been Submitted

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